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Nov 29, 2013 4:00am EST
family enjoyed a hearty feast at the white house but president obama did manage to sneak away for a little while. the commander in chief called service members from every branch of the military and thanked them for their dedication and sacrifice for america. >>> tens of thousands of american troops celebrated thanksgiving overseas. >>> with thanksgiving behind us good deeds and random acts of kindness added an extra touch of class. more than 400 homes were evacuated early wednesday after a train derailed causing a chemical spill. the railroad provided the displaced family with a free thanksgiving dinner. >>> in sacramento a record 30,000 people raced up for the annual run to save the hungry. the race hopes to raise about $900,000 for charity. >>> and outgoing boston mayor joined about 200 volunteers to get turkey and fixings for those in need. >>> detroit residents had a dicy weather day, snow blanketing the region led to multiple accidents throughout the motor city. conditions were so bad interstate 75 was temporarily shut down. bill karins is here with the friday forecast. a lot o
Nov 26, 2013 4:00am PST
. back to you, richard. >> all right, sarah, thank you so much. appreciate it. >>> today, the supreme court takes up the case involving obama care. the question, does the requirement to provide contraceptives to employees violate a company's right to religious freedom? nbc's tracie pots has more on that for us. good morning. >> reporter: richard, good morning. the justices will be asked whether to look at any of the cases, there are several that have worked their way up to the u.s. supreme court. nearly 40 companies in all arguing that even though they're required to provide health insurance under the health law, if that health insurance includes birth control, it is a violation of their rights under the religious freedom restoration act. they also look at individual employees having to pay premiums. the individual mandate that we talked about so much. but if they have a religious objection, should they be required to pay for that type of insurance for that type of coverage? if the justices decide to take up one of these cases, it could be next spring before they're argued, late june
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2